Ski helmet with music

You get up early and take the first lift to the top. When you reach the glacier, you attach your ski boots to the skis. The sun is shining in your face and you are ready for the beautifully prepared decent. Everything is ready; only the music is missing. And now imagine that your helmet takes over. The right song, the right volume, the right bass. To suit your own tastes. This is available. With us – and without taking your gloves off.


Impressive sound and massive bass tones: the sound system provides pure quality. Your smartphone is connected to the helmet via Bluetooth. Regardless of whether the music comes from iTunes, Spotify or your own music library. Your playlist reaches your ears directly through the integrated headphones. Next or previous song, adjust the volume, replay and stop. All of these functions are very easy to operate by the press of a button on the ear pads or alternatively by an external remote control. You can attach this to your ski gloves or the sleeve of your ski jacket, for example.